A Lethbridge, AB client approached me while I was demonstrating at Fort Whoop-Up. As a result, they commissioned me to make a set of large, hand forged handles for their pantry doors. When I make custom pieces, I always take the time to draft a design on paper first. This ensures I capture exactly what the customer is looking for.

I forged these door handles from 3/4″ square, solid mild steel bar. In this instance, I worked with the material to include decorative elements like upset finials. Machine made pieces don’t include subtle yet important details such as these. The total length of the handle was around 8″. I used traditional blacksmith joinery, mortise and tenon, to put the handles and the supports together and the supports are tapped for machine screws for easy installation.

  • Project Type: Custom Design
  • Materials Used: Mild Steel
  • Price: $150 CDN