The hoes I make are forged from scrap steel bar to form the neck, and scrap sheet metal for the blade. I like to add a decorative touch to it where the blade is riveted to the neck.┬áThe blade is cut to a “D” shape and is used as a pulling hoe to cut down weeds, cultivate the soil surface and make furrows. The finished head is then set into a Canadian ash handle with a ferrule to improve its durability. The blade is set to an almost perpendicular angle to the handle, although this can be customized if needed.

I can certainly forge other hoe designs as well. If there’s a particular blade shape you’re looking for, send me a message through our contact form page, and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Another option is I can forge and send you just the head of the hoe (blade attached to neck), ready to be installed on a handle of your own. I charge $70 for just the head, and it saves a lot on shipping.

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  • Overall Length: About 5-6'
  • Blade width: 4-5"
  • Weight: About 3 lbs
  • Price: $80 + shipping