Hand Forged Fire Poker (Free Shipping)


This wrought iron fire poker is hand forged from 3/8″ square steel bar. It features a beautiful reverse twist and a wrapped, “Kodiak” leather grip. The 4″ leather grip is comfortable yet rustic. Because the poker is very sturdy and light weight, it can be forged to three different lengths: longer lengths are great for outdoor fire pits while the shorter 25″ variation is ideal for indoor wood stoves.

The harpoon style makes it a breeze to push and pull logs about in the fire. Great for outdoor fire pits.

The rustic, hand forged fire poker can be personalized with initials or a short name near the handle. Options for lettering and characters are shown in one of the pictures. Every time it’s used for tending a fire there will be a reminder of its uniqueness and special meaning.

Every fire poker is polished, heated once more to draw a blue/black patina on the surface and sealed with a beeswax/linseed oil coating to bring out the natural beauty of the steel. This coating will provide some protection from rust. Store your fire poker out of the weather to maintain its beauty and minimize rusting. A hand made steel ring makes hanging the poker a breeze when stored away (out of the rain, of course!)

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25", 35", 45"