Just broke in the hori hori. Badass. Love a tool you can reef on and it just goes, “that all you got?”

Joël - Winnipeg, MB

That hori hori is IN.CRED.I.BLE. I have a huge patch of creeping bellflower (insert ALL manner of curse words here) and that blade is going through the roots like butter. Thank you!

Laurie - Winnipeg, MB

Just a bit of feed back, my husband was using your hori hori and actually was very impressed with it. So am I. The feel, the weight, the sturdiness …. thank you for making gardening a bit easier and keep up the good work.

Susan - Leaf Rapids, MB

[Tim] was great to work with and the trowel is beautiful. I am giving this as a gift but I wish I had ordered one for myself.


[The hori hori was] wonderful to use, and a work of art!


Amazing super high quality garden tools! Highly skilled artist that makes durable tools that will last a lifetime.

J Wagner