Formed and forged from hand and heart, our unique gardening and homesteading tools are created to instill a sense of history, an appreciation for beauty and a desire to get things done.

We use as much reclaimed steel and repurposed materials in our tools as possible. Primarily to reduce our impact on the world and to demonstrate the value in the old and worn.

Established in 2017, we are a proud Canadian family business operating out of southern British Columbia.

A few of our tools

Hand forged. One by one. In Canada.

All of our items are hand forged by the husband and wife blacksmithing duo, Tim and Lorinda. We use traditional techniques and equipment: the hammer and anvil, the forge and tongs.

Our ironwork is defined by:

  • Durability: built to last generations
  • Nostalgia: hand made using a process that’s 4,000 years old
  • Sustainability: made from reclaimed and recycled steel
  • Beauty: whether in the garden or on the farm, people WANT to use these tools
  • Pride of ownership: satisfaction in knowing that your purchase was a wise investment
  • All of our products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty


We forge custom items all the time, and the gallery showcases some of our past creations.


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