About Us

Reforged Ironworks is Tim and Lorinda Peel-Wickstrom, blacksmiths and homesteaders raising their family in Creston Valley, BC, Canada. The two originally met at a permaculture design program in 2013, and it was there that the seed for what became Reforged Ironworks was planted.

The intent with our work comes from the inherent ability of blacksmiths to give old steel new life and a desire for effective hand tools that remind us of slower and quieter times. Seeing a need for high quality gardening tools made with minimal impact, Tim taught himself the blacksmith trade with guidance from more experienced ‘smiths. In time, as the business grew, Lorinda stepped into the forge to also learn the blacksmith trade. Her backgrounds in gardening, promotion and artistry are invaluable.

We seek a path to a slower and more intentional way of living.

Custom Work

Have an idea for a project or tool that you’d like to see come to life? We are happy to discuss your idea to see if we’re a fit. Our process begins with either a email or phone call to hash out the idea, then we create a preliminary design and come back to you for review and tweaks. If all looks good, and it’s necessary for the success of the project, we develop a more detailed design and come back one more time to get your ok. At that point, we get to work and your idea becomes reality.

We can be reached at info@reforgedironworks.com and at 250-866-5119 for custom work orders or general inquiries.


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