The rice knife (or “kama”) is a hand forged, sickle shaped blade attached to a light wooden handle for cutting brush, vines, grasses and sprays. It’s a great tool for managing forests and gardens because it allows for selective weeding, pruning and “chop and drop” mulching. The blade is forged from reclaimed carbon steel, hardened in oil, and finally tempered in an oven. The results is a blade that’s sharp and durable.

A steel ferrule adds durability, and the tang is pinned to the handle. The handle itself is made from re-purposed wooden handles. The longer handle allows for ease of cutting vegetation close to the ground without having to bend over as much.

The tool can be taken completely apart for repair by simply removing the pin.

The rice knife can come with different sized blades and handles. If you’re curious about this, contact me so we can determine what you need.

Total length: 17.5″
Blade dimensions: 4″ curved, knife beveled, 1/8″ thick at tang
Handle length: 14″

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  • Overall Length: 17.5"
  • Blade Length: 4.5"
  • Blade Type: Tempered Carbon Steel
  • Price: $145 + shipping