The Russian Hoe is a hybrid style tool that weeds, digs, furrows and cultivates soil. The hoe can be used to dig in a brand new garden bed into lawn and easily maintains an existing garden. Forged from high carbon steel, the sharpened point and blade hold their edge very well despite the constant use in soil, which is well known to dull tools quickly.

The blade is made from reclaimed material. The most common types of steel I use are lawn mower blades, or truck leaf springs. Both are excellent steels which are hardened and tempered by hand in the forge and sharpened.

The blade angle is adjustable by removing the mounting bolts that hold it to the handle.

The handle is made from local wood: crabapple, caragana, saskatoon are all common materials I use and are lightweight and durable. The handle can be cut to a custom length for each customer. Include with your order a note on how tall you are at the shoulder so I can make the handle the correct length.

Blade dimensions: 6 1/2″ long, sharpened; point 1 1/2″, sharpened; haft 9″ tall; attached to handle with two 5/16″ bolts; adjustable angle on blade

Handle dimensions: length is variable but typically around 4′. If you provide me your height at the shoulder, I can make the handle fit you perfectly. Diameter ~ 1 1/2″ round.

Weeding: rake just below the soil surface to cut down small sprouts. For deep rooted weeds like dandelion, the long blade and sharp point make it easy to dig the tap root out of the soil without bending down to pull by hand.

Digging: the sharp point and 6 1/2″ long blade make digging into soil or lawn a snap. Use it for edging and digging holes for potatoes or other root crops.

Cultivating: Again, the sharpened edges make cultivating the surface of the soil very easy to do. Since the tool is lightweight overall, and can be sized to fit you properly, there’s minimal stress on the body when working with this hand forged garden hoe.

Furrowing: by drawing the crook of the hoe along the surface of cultivated soil, a furrow is formed for planting seed. The deeper into the soil you press with the hoe, the deeper the furrow.

Starting a new garden bed all with this one tool: Dig the lawn first to loosen it up. Draw the hoe through the first few inches to cut the grass roots. Add compost or organic matter to your new garden patch and cultivate it using the sharpened point and to break up any dirt clods. Form furrows for seeds or dig holes for transplants or tubers. All done with one tool!

  • Overall Length: Customized to user's height
  • Blade Dimensions: 6.5" long x 3" wide
  • Weight: About 3 lbs
  • Price: $90 + shipping