Garden Trowel (free shipping)


A trowel made for digging, planting and shoveling.

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This beautifully hand made garden trowel is suitable for all kinds of gardening work. Hand forged from a reclaimed saw blade and fitted with a handle made from locally harvested hardwood, this trowel is wholly unique, functional and durable. This is the only trowel you’ll ever need.

The sharpened and edge-hardened carbon steel blade is riveted to a 4″ tang, which makes for a sturdy and secure connection to the wooden handle. This trowel is suitable for digging in all soil types. The handle is hand carved to fit the hand snugly making every trowel unique. The hardwood is either harvested locally or made from reclaimed material.

A linseed oil finish is applied in several layers to protect both the wood and steel. A yearly reapplication of any kind of food grade oil will help preserve the tool’s quality and appearance.

Every trowel we make is a unique piece of functional art; no two trowels will look exactly the same.

Overall Length: 12″
Blade Length: 6″; sharpened and edge hardened
Handle Length: 5″
Weight: 8 oz
Hand forged in BC, Canada