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The essential multi-purpose tool for the gardener. Digs, cuts and saws.

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In the fire of the blacksmith’s forge, the hori hori garden knife is born. An old piece of steel is given new life by anvil, hammer and tradition. We hand forge the knife from recycled coil spring which is a tough and resilient steel. The hori hori blade is heated to a glowing orange colour and plunged into vegetable oil to harden it, so that it will endure the toughest use in the garden, by fireside or in the mountain forests.

This beautiful hori hori garden knife is based on an ancient Japanese design, yet incorporates elements we have experimented with in our own garden. It was originally designed to harvest vegetables from the wild. The narrower and thicker blade allows you to dig deep, slicing through tough, woody roots and to chop through small trees and branches like a hatchet.

The hori is heat treated by eye and experience, using a centuries old blacksmith method. The result is a blade you can shave with, cut down a sapling, and then keep on shaving afterwards to get that patch you missed. The serrated edge is filed by hand to make sawing a breeze. The brightly coloured paracord material gives the knife a solid grip and makes it easy to find should it be left behind.

The blade is hand polished on diamond and Japanese water stones, creating a durable, razor sharp edge. After quenching, every blade’s hardness is tested to make sure it’s in the 55 to 60 HRC range of hardness. This creates an edge that is hard enough to hold up to regular use but not so hard that it’s difficult to sharpen.

The hand made scabbard is sourced from reclaimed hardwood, typically white oak or walnut. It depends on what we have at hand when the knife is made. The wooden scabbard also allows the blade to dry when stored to reduce rusting and is excellent for long term storage. The small block attached to the scabbard, called a kurikata, allows for either western or Japanese style carrying.

Overall Length: approximately 14″
Blade Dimensions: approximately 8″ x 1 1/4″ x 3/16″
Handle Length: approximately 6″
Blade: reclaimed coil spring; tempered and sharpened
Scabbard: typically white oak or walnut with linseed oil finish