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The Russian Hoe is a hybrid style tool that weeds, digs, furrows and cultivates soil. The hoe can be used to dig in a brand new garden bed into lawn and easily maintains an existing garden. Forged from high carbon steel, the sharpened point and blade hold their edge very well despite the constant use in soil, which is well known to dull tools quickly.

The blade is made from reclaimed material. The most common types of steel I use are lawn mower blades, or truck leaf springs. Both are excellent steels which are hardened and tempered by hand in the forge and sharpened.

The blade angle is adjustable by removing the mounting bolts that hold it to the handle.

The handle is a 1″ diameter hardwood handle typically found at any hardware store, and can be easily replaced.

Blade dimensions: 6 1/2″ long, sharpened; point 1 1/2″, sharpened; haft 9″ tall; attached to handle with two 5/16″ bolts with adjustable angle.

Our tools are hand forged in BC, Canada.

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