Wizard Sculpted Fire Poker (Free Shipping)


This wrought iron fire poker features a detailed wizard’s face complete with starry wizard’s hat and beautiful reverse twist.

Because the poker is very sturdy and light weight, it can be forged to three different lengths:
– 25″ is ideal for wood stoves or small fireplaces.
– 35″ is ideal for large fireplaces or small fire pits or camping fires.
– 45″ is ideal for large fire pits or camping fires.

In the process of creating this blacksmith made fire poker, we hand forge every inch of the bar. This gives the item a detailed texture of hammer and scale, protecting it from rust and showing itself to be truly handmade.

The harpoon point makes moving, pushing and pulling the logs in your fireplace, wood stove or fire pit a piece of cake. The handle has an elegant curve to it which is very comfortable in the hand.

Our rustic, hand forged fire poker can be personalized with a name or short message near the handle, and below the wizard’s face. Every time it’s used for tending a fire there will be a reminder of its uniqueness and special meaning.

Every fire poker is finished with a brisk wire polish brush and linseed oil coating to bring out the natural beauty of the steel. The looped style of the handle makes storing the fire poker a breeze, and we offer a hand forged wall hook as an optional add on as well to complete the package.

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25", 35", 45"