A Viking Styled Dagger

Viking dagger and leather sheath

This was a custom order from Ragnar the Trader, a long time customer and friend of the forge. It’s made from reclaimed spring steel, hand polished with diamond stones and it makes its home in a hand sewn leather sheath embossed with a Viking dragon.

The dagger is forged from a single piece of spring steel. The blade was hardened using the traditional yaki-ire process, where a clay slip is applied to the blade so that hardening is localized to the edges. After tempering, the edge is approximately rated to hardness of 55-60 HRC using a set of Japanese hardness testing files.

The handle is shaped for comfort and a sure grip. The handle wrap is tanned leather lace.

The sheath is made from vegetable tanned leather, 8 oz weight, hand dyed and embossed with a Viking dragon motif.

A simple belt loop keeps the dagger and sheath in place.

We do custom work all the time. Go to our contact page and tell us about your idea.

Forged Steel Coat Rack (custom order)

blacksmith wrought iron coat rack

A neighbour and friend of the forge recently commissioned a coat rack from us, and we took their idea and made it our own. Instead of using any welds, the entire piece uses traditional blacksmith joinery techniques.

Hook closeup of wrought iron coat rack

The finish for the coat rack and shelf unit was a bit of polishing with a wire brush, heating the steel to a “black heat” for a uniform colour, and an application of beeswax and linseed oil.

detail photo of scrollwork on forged coat rack

The scroll arms on either side were forged from this old piece of scrap that came from an old homestead on the other side of our little valley.

Rivet detail of shelf

Bradding, or riveting as its referred to nowadays, was the technique used to attach all the separate pieces into one. A countersink was drilled in places where a rivet head standing proud of the surface would have interfered with function. Lorinda and I worked as a team to assemble all the parts together

Makers mark detail on wall bracket hand forged
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