Welcome to Reforged Ironworks! I’m a blacksmith located in southern Alberta specializing in hand forged tools built from reclaimed materials. The forge is fueled with charcoal, a sustainable and renewable resource that’s been used by blacksmiths for centuries.

The unique garden tools I forge are built to last, and can be custom fit to match precisely what you require. If you’re looking for a gardening implement that’s locally made, maximizes sustainability and is truly unique, then we should chat. Our tools page highlights some of the creations that the forge is turning out right now.

The design process I use takes advantage of all the salvageable material that industrial society produces. In turn, this helps build community because I talk with other businesses to divert their waste from the landfill. Starting from patterns and building tools to match, I then take feedback from my customers in order to evolve the tools I make, customizing them to suit the particular environment of southern Alberta.

If you’d like to know more, or are interested in ordering a custom made, hand forged tool, you can reach me via the Contact Us page.

News from the Forge

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